Is your small business or non-profit
ready to take it to the next level?

Using spreadsheets to manage your customers or donors? Have a mish-mash of software plug-ins or vendors that don't organize your data into one, easy-to-use database? Is your contact base growing and you can't keep up? We're here for you. We offer a full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that's tuned to the way you do business, including full integration to your email marketing, online payment processors, WordPress website, and any other 3rd-party applications that you use in your unique business or non-profit.


Our lightweight platform offers snappy, lightning-fast response that you won't find with other top-shelf systems. Keep your users happy and efficient!


Our user interface is easy and intuitive. You won't need to hire a full-time administrator to manage it, saving you critical $$$ that you can use on your important mission instead.


Integrate with your other applications. Scale as your business grows, without sacrificing speed or ease-of-use. Leverage your small team to take your impact to the next level!


Always available, anywhere, anytime. Always backed-up. Reliability you can count on.


We want you to LOVE your system!

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