Laxmi (Dr. Kimberly Naujock)

“Everything we needed and wanted in a CRM system Houghton Solutions (HS) has made possible, and more. Mark and his team consistently deliver world class programming and service. They listen to our needs and continually demonstrate their ability to customize and scale the robust core HS system for our organization. We worked together with them […]

Cynthia Kersey

“We were in dire straits with our CRM. It was so complicated, we could barely use it. Mark came to the rescue with his custom CRM platform that we adapted to our business, and went on to support our revenue growth from $1M to $3M in just 3 years! Our staff was thrilled to finally […]

Rinaldo S. Brutoco

“I’ve known Mark for over 20 years in a half dozen separate assignments. In all of that time and each of those assignments, Mark displayed incredible creativity, attention to detail, ability to complete projects on time and on budget, and a commitment to the welfare of each company he helped rather than looking out for […]

Grig Gheorghiu

“Mark Houghton designed and implemented a custom data analytics and reporting solution that was used very successfully by multiple departments including accounting, finance and customer service. Their consultant was very technical and thus able to deliver robust full-featured systems, as well as being able to translate complex business requirements into easy-to-use end products.”